Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Week's Playlist

So, I've decided. What the heck? Why not add a few songs to my Reader's blog. No point in making a whole new blog. I don't have as much to say about music as I do about books. Also, I find that many songs can be used perfectly for some books. So this week's playlist:

It's a Beautiful Day: It could kind of go with anything. Most books have that kind of moment. Like - everything is okay. It's a beautiful day.
I'm With You: I think this could go with The Passion, the last book in the Dark Visions series by L.J. Smith. It's more towards the end, and I don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't read it. If you have though *SPOILER ALERT!!!* it's for that part where Kaitlyn was in the isolation tank and Gabriel stays in contact with her so that she doesn't go crazy.
This is War: I think this song could go with brave New World, but only because of the one line: It's a brave new world, from the last to the first. But I also think this song could go with Animal Farm because of: A warning to the people. The good and the evil. This is war.
Resistance: This song could go with 1984 by George Orwell. It mentions the "Thought Police". Also, it seems to be talking about the love affair between Winston and Julia. If you've read the book, you'll know what I mean.
Show me What I'm Looking For: I think this could go for many different books. From many different perspectives. Of course, my memory has chosen this moment to fail me. I'll update this later when I'm able to think of substantial examples.
Uprising: This one could also go for Animal Farm. There was another one it could go for. But, as I said before, my memory is failing. I can't remember.
Face Down: Dreamland by Sarah Dessen. (Don't you just love that title?). Both are all about being abused by a boyfriend. Amazing book.
The Hand that Feeds: So, this could go for a few different books. It could go for Animal (a little bit), any book about rebellion. But mostly, I just wanted to point out the part about the Crusades. This song is all about going against what you've been told. To stand up and "bite the hand that feeds".

So there you go. Next week I'll probably have a few more songs to share and three to five more books finished. Next week's book: Twilight. Check it out. You'll probably be surprised. Or maybe not. Who knows?