Friday, April 2, 2010

The Host

So I'm continuing my reviews. Today is: The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Now, I want to say that Stephenie Meyer annoys me slightly. Most authors do, for one reason of another, so don't feel bad Stephenie Meyer. The thing is that they usually annoy me for stupid reasons, so it's really no big deal. So, what about Stephenie Meyer annoys me? Well, Twilight. The happy ending.
The Host is not one of them. I happen to LOVE The Host. I thought it was amazing. It's been over a year and I still love it. I started hating Twilight a few months after I read Breaking Dawn. The Host? My second favorite book of all time. At least for now. There are tons of promising books out there... but The Host hasn't been replaced yet.

Review: So, yeah, I love this book. It's the only reason I still like Stephenie Meyer. I really hope she continues the series and gets over the whole Midnight Sun thing so that she could start writing. Not that I don't understand. I'd be pretty mad and hurt, too, if somebody decided to post my copyrighted story on the Internet without my permission. I get it. Anyways, I liked how this book was written. The ending wasn't too happy. I like that. I'm all for not-too-happy endings, especially when the characters went through some heck. Of course, I prefer not-happy endings. They just make it seem so sad and real. I love sad books and it seems real because the story will continue even if the book ends. So, if the book ends sad, it doesn't necessarily mean the story ends sad. I don't know if that makes sense, but to me, it does.
Characters: I like Wanda. I found it VERY interesting seeing the world and humans and everything like that through her eyes. You can tell that there's a BIG difference between souls and humans, but they're mostly the same (at least, while souls are in human hosts). They both feel the same emotions, desires, etc (again, when souls are in human hosts). The difference between REAL souls and humans, is that souls are pure. They're so nice, innocent, peaceful. That doesn't excuse them of taking over our planet, though. That would be something humans do; taking over someone else's planet (Avatar). So, souls and humans are similar and different. Wanda was especially different. She was like a soul, but she felt human. It's hard to describe. It's like: She was a soul and she was a human at the same time. Wanda was pure and kind, but she felt real love, desire. She felt hatred, sorrow. I don't know. You really have to read it.
Story: I have to admit it. The beginning of The Host is extremely boring. But I wouldn't be recommending this book if it didn't end amazingly. Maybe it's just me, but I can read through half of the book just to get to the good part. Well, I can read through anything. If it's boring though, it takes me forever to read. The beginning, for me at least, went by fast enough. Before I knew it, the book was so good and I couldn't put it down. The ending, especially. It was unexpected, yet so predictable (Another, makes sense/doesn't make sense). Well, I would say that if you could read through Twilight, you could read through this. Skip through the first part, then go back and read it. That way, you know that it gets better and you can understand what you didn't the first time. I would suggest skipping about 150 pages. The next chapter after that is where you should start.

Content: kissing, major make-out scenes (2)

Stars: 5

If Stephenie Meyer continues (and I hope she does), the sequels will most likely be:
The Soul
The Seeker

As you probably know, The Host is in the process of being made into a movie. I think it will be incredibly suck-y compared to the book. Otherwise, it'll probably be really good, you know, when not compared to the book. That's just how book movies are.