Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Hunger Games

I'm venturing into the sci-fi for today. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I've only actually read this book once, but considering I bought the second one (Catching Fire), I'm going to have to buy it eventually. I probably just made it sound like a burden, or something, huh? Well, I love the book. It's actually one of my favorites. I'm not just talking one of my favorites, I mean like top ten. I haven't actually decided what my top ten are, or in what order, but I'm pretty sure it's up there. Anyways, back to the review.

Review: Well, this book was amazing. I loved it. It was all sci-fi and futuristic. But I have to say, that it was the name more than anything else that caught my attention. "The Hunger Games". What were they? Why are they called "The Hunger Games"? Why are they "Games"? You know, things like that. That and the cover. I thought the cover was cool. I still do. So, when I finally was able to read the book, I pretty much zoomed through it. I probably read it in less than two days, which is the average amount of time for me to read a book. And by the time I finished, I was like !!!!!!. (I didn't know what word to use, so I figured a bunch of ! would sum up how I felt when I finished the book.) I was good. Really REALLY good. AMAZING! The ending was sad; a bit of a cliff-hanger, but not as big as the Catching Fire cliff-hanger. That's how I like books though. Because now, ANYTHING can happen. WOW! (3)
Characters: Katniss Everdeen is definitely a strong character. She's cautious, but she would anything for the people she loves. She's a survivor and a very interesting character. She's only annoyed me two or three times in the first two books. Now, most books I've read have had two (or more... ZOEY ;) ) guys. In The Hunger Games, it is between Gale and Peeta. Gale, a long-time best friend. Peeta, a boy who's had a crush on her for years. I really can't say who I like more. Other books are easy for me: *SPOILER ALERT* Rose and Adrain, Dimitri's gone; Zoey and Stark, Heath is dead and Erik's a jerk and Kalona is evil; Schuyler and Jack, Oliver's human and he can't do much; etc. etc. So The Hunger Games really got me there. I liked Peeta at the end of The Hunger Games, but by the end of Catching Fire, I really didn't know. (1)
Story: Now, the storyline (or plot or whatever) was both simple and complex. Simplified: A girl gets chosen to be in The Hunger Games. She has to fight to the death with 23 other contestants. Not much there. But really, it's so much more difficult than that. First of all, she doesn't get chosen. She volunteers in order to replace her younger sister, Primrose. Okay, not complex. Peeta does get chosen. Still not there yet. They do the publicity stuff required of them, blah blah blah, then the interviews. *dun dun dun* This is where it starts. After that, the Hunger Games take a whole new meaning. And it gets REALLY good. It pretty much started really good and ended even better. (1)

Content: kissing, a little bit of drinking because of Haymitch

Stars: 5

Quotes: (I don't know who says them, because as I said, I don't own the book)
"Remember, we're madly in love, so it's all right to kiss me anytime you feel like it." - I think this is Peeta
"I don't want to lose the boy with the bread." - Katniss
"Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor." - I think this is Effie Trinket
"So it's you and a syringe against the Capitol? See, this is why no one lets you make the plans." - I really don't know
"I take his hand, holding on tightly, preparing for the cameras, and dreading the moment when I will finally have to let go." - Katniss

Series: (Trilogy)
The Hunger Games
Catching Fire