Monday, April 5, 2010


This book was absolutely AMAZING! I finished it yesterday. I started it on Friday, but didn't get to read on Saturday because I was out all day. So, I read it on Friday and Sunday. It's a little over 300 pages. AMAZING! It was- WOW! Wow.

Review: So, if I haven't said is enough times for you: WOW! AMAZING! There you go. I loved it SO much. Maybe because I love werewolves? I don't know. But Shiver was fantastic. I loved the first-person perspective. It switched off every now and then between the two main characters: Grace and Sam. Like I said, I love werewolves. I don't mean love, I mean LOVE, as in very creepy. They don't exist, but I kind of wish they did. That's just how much I love them. So Maggie Stiefvater hit a 3 just by writing a book about werewolves. AND this time there were no vampires. Now, I love vampires, but in this story, it would have killed it. It's all about werewolves. YAY!
Characters: The characters are one more star. Grace isn't bad. She kind of reminds me of Rose from VA. Not that they're anything alike. *VA SPOILER ALERT* It's just that Rose would do anything to have Dimitri back. In that way, she's like Grace. Grace did what she could to keep Sam a werewolf. Sam, being a werewolf, caught my heart right away. It sounds weird (and believe me, it is) and I don't really know why werewolves get that reaction from me. Well: werewolf + awesomeness= good character x 1,000,000. So, he'd still be cool if he wasn't a werewolf, but I wouldn't love him the way I do now.
Story:Shiver has the right amount of love, suspense, action. Because Sam's a werewolf (in Shiver, this means he's wolf during the winter and is human during the summer), they only have a certain amount of time before he's a wolf for the winter (and probably the rest of his life). Ohhhh, drama. Love: Sam and Grace relationship. It's funny because Grave actually fell in love with Sam while he was a wolf. Action: There are tons of action parts. I mean, the book's about werewolves. What did you expect? Suspense: If you get to the ending, you'll know. WOW!

Content: kissing, make-out scenes, sex scene (One, but it's not especially inappropriate. If you've read the Twilight series, you're good.)

Stars: 5
"'What do you eat?'
'Baby bunnies.' She narrowed her eyes, so I grinned and said, 'Adult bunnies, too. I'm an equal-opportunity bunny-eater.'" - Grace, Sam
"'Sensitive,' I tried.
Sam translated: 'Squishy.'
'Dangerously emo.'
'Feng shui.'" - Grace, Sam
"'You're the girl, aren't you? The girl who was in my house?'
'Do you have a name?'
'Do you?'
'I think I like you. I'm Beck.'" - Beck, Grace

Series (Trilogy):
Linger 7-20-10
Forever 7-??-11